Eye Of The Tiger Cuff Bracelet
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Eye Of Tiger Cuff Bracelet


You won't do un-noticed wearing this striking bracelet. You'll be making a statement. The Amur (formerly Siberian) tiger's bold markings wrap around your wrist creating a wearable work of art. Treat your self to a unique piece or secure one for someone special in your life. 

   Created using aluminum which is both light weight and yet durable with the added benefit of appealing to those with metal allergies. Adjusts to most all wrists with light bending. Measurements before  shaping are: 6.25 inches long x 1.625 In wide. Cleaning rarely needed: wipe with dry soft debris free clean cloth. 

Image is © Kueckelhan Photography. 

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Eye Of The Tiger Cuff Bracelet
Interior- Inside of Eye Of Tiger Bracelet