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Monumental Cuff Bracelet


"Monumental Cuff Bracelet" A "wearable art" cuff featuring a panoramic photographic view of Monument Valley. The cuff bracelet has the natural metal finish.


Created exclusively by and featuring images by Kueckelhan Photography using aluminum which is both light weight and yet durable with the added benefit of appealing to those with metal allergies. Adjusts to most all wrists a light bend. Measurements before shaping are: 6.25 inches long x 1.625 In wide. You may bend slightly after receiving your shaped  cuff bracelet  to fit personal preference.   Cleaning rarely needed: wipe with dry soft debris free clean cloth. 

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Bracelet's Interior - Inside
Monumental Cuff Bracelet Front and Side View
IMG_5079 Monument Valley Vista Bracelet .jpg