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Call Of The Canyons

Canyon Blaze


A feast for the senses. Light and shadow play a game of chase. The eyes  journey along the jagged canyon walls directed by a temporary beam of light. Flowing down the canyon walls, the temporarily beam sets the jewel toned world of Antelope Canyon ablaze illuminating it's richly textured curves.

Award Judge's Comments:

" A very arresting work- well cropped to highlight the rock formations. The color has an outer-wordly quality, and the light capture is rich in drama. It's a work almost Rococo in it's energy." 
                                                                        Thomas Piche'                                                                    
                                  Director of the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art   
                                            Beautiful 11 x 14 in. metallic finished print double matted to a finished size of 16x 20 inches. 

*Note: You are ordering a beautiful print or prints. Your order does NOT include frames. Framed art may be depicted and is is only for illustration. and may not be to scale. Your print order DOES NOT include framing or any accessories shown.


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DSC_9467KUECKELHANSM2June 3 2015.jpg

Additional Info

8 x 10 in Metallic Print in a 11 x 14 in double mat